Packing Slip - Remove/Add Tracking number and Order Date to leave room for coupons


     I would like to be able to have the option to remove the Tracking Number, Order Date and Order number from the Packing Slip.   Since the packing slip actually goes IN the box...what is the point of having the tracking number on it?  The only time a tracking number is needed is when an order does NOT arrive.   It's wasted space on the packing slip.  That is valuable space where we can place messages, coupons, or special offers for customers.


    Also, I would like the option to have the Order Date and Order Number removed.  When the package arrives, I want the customer to be excited about the product they received, and to be able to read the message that is printed on the packing slip.  They don't need a reminder of when they placed the order.  Even if the order only took 3 days to arrive, when they get the packing slip with the date, they mentally think, "oh, it took  3 days, I wonder why it didn't get here sooner?"


    The Tracking Number, Order Number, and Order Date will all be on the customer's confirmation email, so if they have an issue, they will be able to find it there.   Currently, we can put a message to the customer at the bottom of the packing slip, but the font is much, much smaller.  If they didn't have these other unnecessary features then we could utilize this space, use larger font, and have a thank you message or coupons at the bottom of the packing slip.


Thanks again!

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Hi Troy,

Thanks for this feedback. let me address them in the order they came in:

  1. You can actually remove the tracking variable from packing slips now if you create your own packing slip template. The variable is "{{shipment.tracking_number_link}}" and you can view more info on how to do that HERE.

  2. You can do the same as above with this.

I hope this helps - Please keep your features coming!

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