Make it easy to handle orders with recurring shipments


My issue is that most of my customers buy orders for 4, 8 or 12

months worth of shipments. So i only get one initial order, and then i need

to create labels each month. What i have been doing is:

  • go to history

  • search for and duplicate each label

  • edit each label to change the shipment weight (as it changes each month)

As you can imagine this is very inefficient. It would be very helpful if I could select a bunch of labels from my history (with a checkbox), do a bulk duplication of all of the selected labels, and then do a bulk edit of the shipment weight on all of them.



really need the function to edit the label where we can revise the sku, description, order#, etc.. otherwise, have to delete and recreate a new label everytime and really is time consuming....

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That is a great idea and I can see how that would be super beneficial for multiple orders like this. I have forwarded your request to our developers. Please keep these great suggestions coming!

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