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We frequently come across requests for various label sizes and formats.  At this time, we offer the most widely used formats; however we would love to know what format options you would like to see added.  Let us know the dimensions and even the printer or label paper that you use.  The more we see any particular format requested, the greater priority we will give its development.


The 4x6 Label is fine, and it is what is mostly used.  The ability to add to or modify the label would be exceptional.  Our Logo, the word "Fragile" or "Contains Liquid - Non Flammable", and such is essential. 

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Would love to see a 6x4 horizontal format combo label and packing list for international shipments - just like the domestic. When printing potentially hundreds of labels, having the packing slip on the same sheet to be folded and inserted into the package after the postage label has been peeled off and affixed is a huge efficiency issue. Thx.

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I really like the platform so far, and how clean and streamlined everything is. I just have a couple suggestions / requests:

Could you please support the new 70 lb digital scale? I signed up yesterday, but didn't know the most heavy duty scale the shipping easy could work with went up to 25 lbs.

That's of course not really conducive to working with FedEx or UPS.

Also, hugely important to us is to be able to use the Zebra ZP 505 printers that FedEx supplies us with. I think this may already work with Shipping Easy, but by only supporting 4" x 6" labels w/ no doc tabs, this makes all of our paper work incomplete.

Many companies are used to putting the doc tab on a shipped order and then scan it into their database to keep the tracking # and ship date with the order. For example, supporting the 6.75" doc tab labels that FedEx supplies would be awesome.

I truly believe that doing both of those things would help us stay with Shipping Easy and help you attract and keep many new customers.


Dan F.

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Would love to see more label support options, especially those labels compatible with the DYMO 4XL that you offer to us as customers of ShippingEasy. More specifically, it would be nice to be able to use:

something like this:

LW 3 Part Internet Postage Labels 2 1/4" x 7"

mainly like these:

LW 2 Part Internet Postage Labels 2 1/4" x 7 1/2"

LW Internet Postage Confirmation Labels 2 5/16" x 10 1/2"

Since I do have packages that are long and slender and ship in the 1st class weight range and I add weight, postage and box cost to use the 4x6 label. Seems that you could offer a variation for 1st class mail labels since the printer can print it.


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