Improvement to shipping labels


I’ve been having some trouble with labels cutting off on the edges, especially international labels. I could fix this by adding a margin to my printer setup but it shrinks the entire label. I was wondering if you’d consider removing the thin square border around the entire label. If you look at the output of something like, there is no border which allows the label to actually be a little larger because you’re not worried about the border fitting on the page.

I believe this would allow customers to not have to put in margins to keep things from cutting off.


Hi Greg,

The labels we generated through ShippingEasy come from the Endicia Labelserver. The label images are provided directly from Endicia who have had the label designs certified by the USPS. This means we are unable to modify the label design/format in any way including this border. We will pass this feedback onto Endicia and see if they will consider making any changes to their label images.




ShippingEasy Product Manager

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