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Label font cleanup/design + Logo

With Dazzle & UPS Worldship you can customize the labels... Like to see this on the shipment labels as well. We have used to put our logos as well as create shipment tags (available on the standard UPS 4x6+2" tag labels) that we use for shipment info. I like to keep copy on invoices of the shipment, tracking info, and shipment cost... yes its available in the logs, but we want the proof of shipment on a label for your physical records... thus nice to customize labels... 

Please support the standard UPS 4x8 (4x6+2in tag) [UPS label #0177400801]... you say 4x8 is only supported by USPS but even that does not utilize the 4x8.. 





Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.

ShippingEasy partners with Endicia Labelserver in order to produce USPS labels. They adhere to strict guidelines and have had their labels approved by the USPS. Unfortunately this means we have no control over the label layout inc. font size, placement etc. This also means at this point in time, inserting a logo on a label isnt possible (trust me, we are SCREAMING for this to be introduced onto their label format).

In regards to UPS labels and the doc tag 4x8" option with logo, this is something in our backlog and we are hoping to address it within the quarter.


  • Melissa

ShippingEasy Product Manager

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Untrue, with dazzle we can already add artwork (logos, images, barcodes, text, etc.). the main core of the label you cannot change true, but the fonts you are using are not the same as dazzle, so the fonts seem to not matter as well... I just want the font more readable like the UPS worldship labels are...

Worldship prints all the shipment details on the 2in tag, and I copied that feature when I did the same with dazzle (barcode, order number, address, shipment cost, logos, etc)

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You are correct that Dazzle allows customization and the labels look different however Dazzle uses different Endicia software to produce these labels. We are bound by the rules of the Endicia Labelserver and therefore do not have this flexibility.

We are constantly speaking with the Endicia Labelserver team about extending this functionality over to the Labelserver to allow customization but it is not something they have done just yet.




ShippingEasy Product Manager

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Yes, I'd love to be able to add my logo, as well as choose placement of the shipping label.  I used to use and it would allow you to change where the label would print on the page (i.e., on a 4.5" x 5.5" 4-up label sheet, you could move the printing to any of the 4 spots).  That way when printing a one-off,you can use any sheet you might have left over.  Thanks! 

Nicole WIlliams 0 votes

I'd really love to add our logo next to the return address. I use the 4x6 labels.



Lesley Roman 0 votes

I agree.  The fonts are too small and eligible.  The first time I get a mis-delivery because a 6 looks like an 8, I will have to re-evaluate my options.   You need to get this fixed, Melissa.  There has to be a way to make the type more dense.

Robert Schlein 0 votes

Does anyone know if the font size is changeable yet?  I can *easily* see the pixilation and size of the font becoming a huge problem for us. :(

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