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We need a report that generates postage purchased for each of the providers to use for taxes and business expenses re-cap, currently it has to be hand entered after each purchase on my bookkeeping, prior shipping service provided this feature and it was easy to print one document rather than each email that is generated.

Maxine Addington 1 vote
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When we make a mistake on an order, it would be good to be able to do more than just cancel the label. I'd like to also be able to send the order back to the order page so that I can make the corrections and ship it correctly rather than having to create a manual order.

Nick Jehlen 1 vote
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I agree, just today on a manual order, I missed entering the order id no., I would have liked to be able to edit the label when I miss something.  I had to go in cancel it and delete it and start over, I just needed to add an important piece of info.  or perhaps correct an address that doesn't read correctly that also would be a good one to edit before printing!

Maxine Addington 3 votes
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Two features we would love to see added as soon as possible would be: 1 having the ability to add delivery notes? Such as place on side of house.. or something like that. 2 The one we would love most: have a request a return button for our customers that would generate the return label with out us having to do anything.


Vladimir P.

Victoria Sutherlen 3 votes
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I use a third-party insurer that requires me to list the value of each shipment on the label, rounded up to the next $100.  So it would be great to have a field that either automatically does this, or a memo field that users could use for their own purpose (like others have mentioned with delivery notes).  If Shipping Easy could make an automatic field, then perhaps it could also create a report generator with number of shipments, value, and shipping method that could be run monthly.

Denise Rocus 0 votes
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We need to be able to edit the transaction before printing, such as adding insurance in USPS if forgotten or changing package type.  I agree with adding a shipping note, customers often have special delivery notes for the postman, like "ok to leave on porch" or other special directions are requested.

Maxine Addington 2 votes
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I really NEED to have access to my SmartPost shipping capabilities please!

Lisa 1 vote
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My shop takes many orders in advance for the Holiday Season. I have set up on my BigCommerce page an option to select a future ship date or ship ASAP. I would like to be able to import those ship dates into Shipping Easy to help organize what orders need to be shipped that day and keep an eye on upcoming shipments.

I was just looking at the Shipping Rules options and it seems like something that can be utilized for this situation.

Zack Joyce 1 vote
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I wonder why on the "Ready to Ship" page, they chose to use the "Ship to" city instead of the state. It is almost never useful to know the city; it rarely tells me anything unless it's New York, Miami, or San Francisco. If I want to know, then I have to open the address.

Any possibility of changing that?

Karen Endersby Ross 0 votes
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It would be great if ShippingEasy would automatically send a "Delivered!" email when our shipment is marked as delivered by the carrier.

Mari Ann Lisenbe 3 votes
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