[Volusion] Add ShippingMethodID to the tracking number import


Right now, the shipping method is not imported into Volusion. When we used World Ship, we had to map each shipping method to an ID.

Ground Shipping => 502

2nd Day Air => 503


The main issue is that different stores have different shipping method IDs, so every store would need their own conversion. But this is easily solved, because you can export the method ID list with a custom SQL export if someone wanted to automate everything:








There you have a list of all the shipping methods, their volusion IDs, their carrier (Gateway), and the service code used by the carrier. You could also have a manual entry system, so customers could make their own settings.


Hi Jack,

So sorry in the major delay in response. I have spoken to our Product Manager on this - we are aware of the issue. We will look into scheduling support for this in a future release. Thanks!

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This is insane. Since this is 10 months old, I can see this NOT getting fixed! Jack, what have you done to move forward without ShippingEasy's help? Are you having issues with Amazon? Did you move on from ShippingEasy? Would love any help I can get.

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Hello there! Unfortunately this work has not been prioritized to the top of the development queue yet. At this time, I am not aware of a workaround but if Jack has one, I'd love to hear it too!

That being said, we have every intention of prioritizing all requests over time. We're always open to customer suggestions and release new features every month (with a short code freeze through the holidays). However, like many companies, we put an emphasis on releasing features with widespread customer interest. I'm so glad to see additional interest for this feature! If you see any rumblings of interest for this feature throughout the forums, feel free to direct them here. I'll do the same!

If you are having issues with Amazon as well, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success team so we can look into it. Thanks again!

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I have not found anything to alleviate this issue. Right now we're manually changing the shipping ID for all orders that need it.

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Thanks for the update. We are doing the same thing. You would think it would have made it to the top of the development list by now since Volusion is a TOP integration.

I guess we'll wait until after the "freeze" and hold out a few months before switching to something more integrated.

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