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Trial Of ShippingEasy not Syncing with 3DCart


Hi there,

I have both a trial of ShippingEasy and 3DCart. I'm trying to gather how well these two work before committing to either for my online business.

I love the features of 3DCart and so far love the features of ShippingEasy, however, when I attempt a faux order in my store it doesn't sync to ShippingEasy. Doesn't matter what status its in:  New, Processing, Partial, Unpaid 

The API defined terms match precisely with ShippingEasy. Verbatim.

In previous troubleshooting attempts, I see that other customers have had this issue, however, not one for leaving any stone unturned I checked out all of the suggested solutions before posting this. Everything from new token regeneration to "status" changes.


These were laid out in:



What I want to know is, are these functions simply not working because of the limitations of the trial version or are there real issues between the two? I was under the impression I would have fully working versions of both while under the trial period.  I've contacted 3D Carts and am supposed to be hearing back from them on Monday but not knowing where the problem is, I felt it smart to contact both parties.


I should note that within ShippingEasy it says "connected" (with my 3D Cart account)

3dcart Store

Last synced: Never


Thank you so very much for your time.

Rob W Answered

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Hi Rob,

Thank you for posting to our forum!

I checked with the Product Manager and found out that we have not come across any specific limitations that would prevent a trial version of 3dcart integrating.  Did you hear back from 3dcart on your inquiry?

I also just initiated a manual callback and the store now notates that a sync occurred.  As such, I would recommend creating a new order in your store platform, making sure it is in a status we currently sync for your store, and then clicking the sync button on the Orders page in ShippingEasy to see if it comes through.

If the order still does not come through, please double check that you followed our integration guide exactly:  How to: Integrate 3dcart with ShippingEasy and then provide the order number and corresponding status in the comment below so we can troubleshoot further.

Melody H. [ShippingEasy]



First off, I want to say thank you so much for responding with careful attention to detail.


The issue was NOT, I repeat, NOT on ShippingEasy's end. 

The issue is due to limitations set forth by 3D Cart. As quoted from one of their reps:

"Unfortunately the shipping easy module will not work on the demo trial."

So while it *syncs* it will not actually release the pertinent information to ShippingEasy. 

Hopefully this helps future souls endeavoring to get these two to play nice. 

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