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Stripe Relay


My stripe relay "store" is NOT syncing orders. They are not showing up in my order section even though i integrated the platform.

Please help. 

Morgan Hahn Answered

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Hello Morgan, and thank you for posting to our community!

I'm sorry to hear your orders are not syncing from your Stripe Relay store. Normally only orders with a status of Paid or Created in Stripe Relay will sync to ShippingEasy. If the orders in question, are in a status other than Paid or Created we would recommend changing the status so they will sync. You can find that and additional information about using Stripe Relay with ShippingEasy in the link below.

How to use ShippingEasy with Stripe Relay

If however, your orders are in one of the syncable statuses, can you please contact our support directly at

Please be sure to provide your full name, your ShippingEasy account name, and the missing order numbers and statuses. One of our Customer Success Advisors will be able to verify your account and assist directly with your issue.

Thank you.

Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]

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