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Please Contact ShippingEasy Support


New account user trying to enable the USPS shipping option. See an error with this:

Account # has been suspended. Please Contact ShippingEasy Support for assistance.

I believe this is my only way to contact support since, it's the only thing available to the free starter plan option.

Adam Oien Answered

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Hi Adam,

Thank you for posting to our forum!

You are correct that the forum is the manner for those on the free Starter plan to get support/assistance.

It looks like Endicia has a flag on the account so you will need to reach out to them to get a temporary passphrase in order to unsuspend the account.  The number to call and steps to follow can be found in the article linked below:

How to: Reset an Endicia pass phrase

If you still need assistance after reaching out to Endicia, please email the temporary passphrase to us at so we can assist in re-connecting the account.

Melody H. [ShippingEasy]

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