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Postage not showing up as available



I made two postage purchased today, each for $52.00. Each were taken out of my bank account, but only the second $52.00 actually showed up as available to use. 

Both are showing up on my dashboard as postage purchases for 5/21, but only $52 became available and not the full $104.00. I purchased 9 labels and should have a balance left of $61.31, not just $9.31 like it says. 

I would like the extra $52.00 refunded.

Thank you!


Jenni Concannon Answered

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Hello Jenni, and thank you for posting to our community!

I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble locating your purchased postage.

Your ShippingEasy account originally included two free Endicia accounts, one to fund your First Class Domestic postage, and one to fund your First Class International and Expedited (Priority) postage. That was broken apart to make sure you get the best rates, but also means you kept two balances if you shipped across all USPS options.

Endicia First Class Domestic:
All Domestic First Class, Media Mail, Parcel Select

Endicia Int'l and Expedited:
All Domestic and International Priority Mail and Express Priority Mail, International First Class

Do you recall which Endicia account you purchased postage for?

If you are unsure, this link will explain: How to: View my postage balance

If you do not see the funds you purchased in either of your Endicia accounts, we would recommend checking your Endicia transaction history using the step-by-step instructions in the link below.

How to: Obtain my Endicia refund and transaction history

Please keep in mind, however that we are currently migrating both Endicia accounts into a single account and it looks like you have chosen to migrate which closed your First Class Endicia account.

If you need more information/transaction history from your First Class Endicia we would recommend reaching out to Endicia directly via phone 800-576-3279, email -, or live chat -

Thank you!

Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]

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