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Postage problem

Twice in the last few months I have calculated the exact amount of postage i needed to buy to complete my shipments so that I would have a zero postage balance. When i purchased the postage I was a cent short of what I actually needed to pay for my labels both times, I KNOW I DID THE MATH RIGHT. and I was charged for the penny that didn't show up on my balance. So then, since i was short and needed to buy more postage, i had to buy 10 dollars because that is the minimum amount. I am so frustrated that I've been ripped off twice. Its so inconvenient for me to have excess money in my encidia account and then to HAVE to buy 10 more dollars when I just need 1 cent is ridiculous. 
Alisa Huskinson Answered

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Hi Alisa,

Thank you for posting to our forums!

I'm sorry for the confusion and inconvenience.

The Endicia accounts are prepaid postage accounts so they do not allow your balance to go down to $0.00.  You can see this mentioned in the following article:  Why can't I buy labels with an exact amount in my account?

I would recommend adding just a little bit more to your postage purchases so you do not get down so low that Endicia requires an additional purchase since they are prepaid accounts.

Happy shipping!


Melody H. [ShippingEasy]

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