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Store update failure notification

We really need to be notified by email if a shipment fails to update the order in the source store.  I had this happen recently and didn't notice until the next day when the order was still showing in one of my eBay stores.  I updated the information immediately but eBay still shows this as a tracking defect for being uploaded late.  This particular store does not have a high sales volume, one more such event will put us over the 95% compliance required for Top Rated Seller. 


I believe ShippingEasy owes it to your customers to notify us of a ShippingEasy failure that potentially effects our performance metrics with various stores.


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Hi Bill, and thank you for posting to our forums.

We appreciate your detailed feedback and can certainly understand the need for additional alerts regarding failed shipment updates to your stores. I've added in your feature request to document this and investigate the possibility of making this optional.

If there are any updates or additional questions, we will post them here. We will also ask customers with the same request to post or follow here so we can update our prioritization.

Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]

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