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Tracking Link is Broken


The USPS tracking link in my test email is malformed and will not allow the customer to track the package.

Please see screen share link below.

The format of the link is https://www.usps.govtst001xtr0001122/ and is attaching the tracking number to the domain with no delimiter and so it shows as a broken link.


Toli Cefail Answered

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Hello Toli, and thank you for posting to our community!

Our test emails use generic information which is not specifically gathered from your Stores & Orders settings. The test emails are intended to give you a preview of formatting and placement of information. For example, you will not see your store logo but rather a place holder. Likewise, the tracking number will be invalid. 

This is explained further in the notes at the bottom of the link below:

How to: Preview a custom Email Template

I did notice, however that you created a test order last night and post dated for today. The confirmation email for that post dated label will be sent at the same time the label was actually created yesterday. 

Once you receive the email confirmation for that order, the tracking number and link should work correctly along with any other Store specific information. 

Thank you and happy shipping!


Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]



Thank you.

I've previewed the template but it would be good if I could preview it as I've built it rather than wait for my customers to tell me there is a problem.

Also, I did not receive an email from the test order you mention.

Thanks for your help.

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Hello Toli and thank you for the reply.

After checking our email system we were able to confirm that a confirmation email was sent out to the email address listed on your test order. You may want to check your spam or junk mail to see if it was placed there inadvertently. 

While it is possible to preview your custom email templates, by sending a test email using the steps in the link I posted previously, unfortunately we are unable to provide account specific previews due to limitations of our system.

That being said, our community has considerable influence on the course of our development. The more interest we see for certain features or integrations, the more likely they will be added to our app.

Would you consider reposting your specific needs and interest in Mercari to our Feature Requests forums? These are monitored by our CEO and Product Team and used to prioritize future development work.

We look forward to seeing you in the Feature Request forum and taking an active role in helping to shape ShippingEasy!

Thank you!

Thank you and happy shipping!



Jacen P. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

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