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Connecting a Woocommerce store fails


I'm trying to setup my Woocommerce store with ShippingEasy and as soon as I click save after entering the store type of Woocommerce and the url of my secure site, a new page opens up but nothing is ever remains blank.  Are there special settings that need to be enabled on the website in order for ShippingEasy to be able to talk to the store that I need to turn on?  Here is the screenshot that never shows up:

Doyle Answered

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Hello Doyle, and thank you for posting to our community!

There are few things to check before trying to connect your WooCommerce store that might keep the integration from working correctly.

Can you check the first section titled: "Things to Check BEFORE configuring your WooCommerce store in ShippingEasy." in the link below and make sure all the requirements and information is correct?

How to: Integrate WooCommerce with ShippingEasy

If all of that checks out, can you please email our support directly at, along with your WooCommerce store URL and version information?

Thank you.

Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]

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