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I am unable to access my account in order to update credit card information, etc.


Anytime that I try to login it fails with an error stating "Too many redirects".  I have cleared my cookies and used different browsers and nothing seems to work.  I have also tried resetting my password, which is how I was able to post this message, but I am unable to do anything with my account other than see My Activities, Edit my profile, etc. See screenshot below.


Doyle Answered

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Hello Doyle, and thank you for posting to our community.

When logging into your ShippingEasy account, there are two things to note.

1) Your ShippingEasy order processing account uses it's own set of credentials and is accessed from this link:

2) Access to the ShippingEasy community and forums is governed by a completely different set of credentials (email/password), and is accessed from here:

If you are unsure of your login credentials for your ShippingEasy order processing account, please try using the Forgot your password? link to have a Password Reset email sent to you.

I hope that helps and thank you again for posting.

Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]

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