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USPS Scan Form button missing? And Label format problems


Ok, so brand new user here. 

First off I had trouble with my label formats. I didn't realize prior to buying labels that I must adjust label printing settings (didn't even realize they were set to anything default) all other platforms I've used allow you to choose printer format at time of purchase or time of printing. The way shippingeasy has it set up is not very user friendly in my opinion. So through the message board I found my only option to reformat the labels was to cancel and then duplicate - resulting in fronting the postage cost again until I am refunded the canceled batch. 

Now on to my current issue of the USPS Scan Form. Followed the step by step guide, but on my shipment history page there is no USPS SCAN FORM button like in the guide. My batch is there but I have no way to generate the form. Are there any solutions or alternate ways to create the scan form from a page other than shipment history for labels already purchased. The labels are post dated for tomorrow 8/12/17.

The whole reason I downloaded this app was to utilize the scan form/multi-label order/printing. So far it has been not been user friendly and I will be continuing with STAMPS.COM rather than switching to this platform. 

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Hi there,

Thank you for posting to our forums!

I'm sorry to hear you have had a rough start.

Once a label is paid for, the settings in the app are used to generate the PDF file of the label. If you need to make changes then the duplicate label process (How to: Create a unique duplicate label) creates a brand new PDF file, label, and tracking number.

The option to create a USPS SCAN form, from within ShippingEasy, is available to all paid plans: including Basic, Plus, Select, Premium, and Enterprise. Unfortunately, USPS SCAN forms are not available to Starter subscribers, from within ShippingEasy. You can, however, create a USPS SCAN form at using your ShippingEasy Endicia account information. The steps for doing that are provided in the link above.

If you have further questions, we have a wealth of information in our Support Center. If there is something you cannot locate there then you are welcome to post in our forums again or upgrade to a paid plan for one-on-one support.  You can see what is included in each plan type here:  What is included in my plan?

We hope you will give ShippingEasy another try!


Melody H. [ShippingEasy]

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