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Address could not be verified by USPS.


Hi shippingeasy:

When I create a manual order, I paste the address, some of them could not be verified by usps, it said "Unable to parse address". So I need to fill the address line 1, city, state one by one. But the address can be searched by google. Why usps couldn't verified. Paste is easily, I would not like to fill it one by one.

For example, this address:

804 4th st
ouray, co 81427 


Could you please let the address be verified easily?




huan li Answered

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Hello Huan Li, and thank you for posting to our community!

Currently we use a system called SmartyStreets,a US address verification tool, to validate domestic addresses.

If a problem is detected with an address you enter, our system is designed to alert you to such problems, in an effort to help you avoid shipping to an undeliverable address.

After checking the address you posted in the USPS lookup tool, using the link below, it appears USPS is unable to recognize it either.!input.action?mode=1&refresh=true

We would recommend using the link above for other address verifications, as opposed to Google, since USPS would likely be the actual carrier, and it's possible they may not service the address.

Bear in mind, that while you can opt to use an address that will not validate, this assumes a risk that the package may not be delivered or delayed.

Thank you and happy shipping!

Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]

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