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Inventory | Print Labels with Barcodes from Inventory

Need a way to select Inventoried Products and to Print Product Labels with Picture and Barcodes Directly for checking in/out Inventory.  These labels would be placed on the products so the warehouse could scan and also see the product matches the Orders.All Fields would be selectable (checkboxes) to include or exclude from the print on Label.  Lost, Misplaced or other products would be able to be readily identifiable because the warehouse-bin number could be included and find-able.  Incoming product deliveries could be labeled and sent to the warehouse making it much easier to sort immediately into the correct bins. 

Would also be great to have an Option for a Second Column in Inventory to do yearly Inventory that the warehouse can scan all items via the Product Barcode and it Updates the New Column.  This Option would allow the Warehouse to see what is actually on-hand and what has not been accounted for during the yearly inventory and also allows a better warehouse audit. TimeDatestamping the last Inventory or last access would also significantly improve this Feature.

Jon Clifton

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