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Trying to Update to New Woocommerce Integration - 404 Error


I archived my legacy woocommerce integration. When I attempt to submit my store URL for the new integration, I get a 404 error. My URL is That address is a valid page. 

Chuck Duff Answered

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Hi Chuck,

Thank you for posting to our forums!

I'm sorry to hear you have run into issues integrating your WooCommerce store via the new process.  

I would recommend confirming that you are using the URL as described below:

The WooCommerce URL should be the same URL as specified in WordPress Address (URL) on the "Settings > General" page of your Wordpress dashboard. This will normally be your website URL, but will be different if you did not install WordPress to your website root directory.

Please also carefully follow the steps in our guide:  How to: Integrate WooCommerce with ShippingEasy

If you still run into issues after that, since you are on a paid plan, I recommend that you email or chat in using the links at the top of the app with more information about your WooCommerce setup so we can troubleshoot further.  Thanks!

Melody H. [ShippingEasy]

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