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Return Magic Integration

We have installed Return Magic ( on our online store to help us track and manage our returns. It's the highest-rated return management app for Shopify and allows the customer to easily initiate a return based on a preset policy, print a prepaid shipping label, and track the status of a return. More and more stores appear to be using it (

Return Magic integrates with ShipStation and EasyPost ( However, it doesn't have an integration with ShippingEasy so our automatically-generated return labels are appearing in EasyPost. We would so much rather have everything together in EasyPost.

Could an integration be created with Return Magic and ShippingEasy so that a customer could start a return and automatically generate the return label in ShippingEasy like it currently does in EasyPost?

Robert Staddon



Hi Robert,

Thanks for posting! I have logged your request, the more support we hear for a feature request the better, we will direct any future requests for Return Magic integration to this page and keep an eye on it. 


Jacen P. [ShippingEasy] 1 vote

I'd also like to see ShippingEasy integreated with Return Magic. We love shippingeasy and don't want to migrate to another shipping platform. But we also need to add a returns app to our shopify store. Return Magic continues to be the best performing return app. Please integrate so we can stick with shipping easy!

Megan 0 votes

Hi Megan,

Thank you very much for the feedback. At this time, the Return Magic integration is not on our immediate prioritization list, but we will keep an eye on this post for additional feedback. 

If we hear this request from any other shippers, we will be sure to ask them to comment or follow this post. This helps us to learn what features our customers are interested in. 

Thanks again!

Jacen P. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

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