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Pick List Orders By Chronological Date

Our company would love the option to be able to sort pick lists by order date (newest to oldest, oldest to newest).

We have a custom apparel shop so our processing time of items always depends, and it is extremely hard to keep track of orders on pick lists (including printing shipping labels, etc. because we go off ShippingEasy pick lists for all of these tasks) when they can not be simply sorted by when the customer ordered.

It seems to us as though this would be an absolute necessity for most businesses selling goods, as its nearly impossible to keep track without being able to see orders in the actual order in which they were placed.

This small adjustment would make our experience with ShippingEasy nearly flawless, but without it, we are having to look elsewhere for our orders processing.

Thank you for your time! I hope this feature will be added soon so we can continue using this useful platform!

Brittany Lewis

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