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Dear shippingeasy,
I have a suggestion about usps label, i choose 4*5 label, there are order number printed in the label. But this information can't help me to know which item it is when i pack it. I need to spend time to check which item correspond to this order number. So I suggest the "internal notes" can replace the "order number" in the label, because through the simple notes i can know which book it is. "Item name" can also help, but some are too long, so I think internal notes are better.
If this feature can not be replaced, then hope the "shipment history" can add a column "internal notes". Now I can't add any customize column to the shipment history.
Thank you.


huan li

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Hi Huan,

We don't have any way to edit the data shown on the labels. However on 4x6 labels we do have the option to add a note area that can display the item description, or SKUs. Would this be an option?

I really like the idea of being able to edit the Shipment History page to the same extent that you can the orders page. I will pass this along to Dev!




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