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Calculate shipping costs on customer end


I'm using woocommerce and there are multiple addons to choose from to allow for shipping costs to be added into the cart total for the customer to pay for and for us to collect. I'm going to be only dealing with USPS for the time being and all the USPS addons I'm seeing are asking for USPS account credentials to be able to sync with rates. Do we get these credentials somewhere in our account to be able to fill in the credentials in the addons to be able to calculate the proper amount of shipping?

Is there an addon that you guys recommend to be able to do this easily?


Justin Answered

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Hi Justin,

Thank you for posting to our forum!

ShippingEasy integrates with the backend of your WooCommerce store to assist with the management and shipment of your orders. Unfortunately, the plugin is not designed to integrate with your shopping cart so I certainly understand why you are looking at plugins that may help you set up live shipping rates on your WooCommerce site.  When looking at WooThemes, I found this one:  USPS Shipping Method

Since your Endicia accounts can only be used in ShippingEasy and the plugin is asking for USPS credentials, I would recommend setting up an USPS account directly on the USPS site.

Or if you can bypass the USPS credentials and just use our rates, you are welcome to view our rate tables in order to set that up:  ShippingEasy's USPS Rate Tables

Melody H. [ShippingEasy]



Was really hoping to have this answered within 24 hours since I knew I would be working all day and I could get to this tonight. Next 24 hours maybe....???

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