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Store API Not Showing for WooCommerce


Hi. I've done everything in the installation except I have not been given a "Store API"

It's not showing up where it should be showing, according to your installation guide, under my store in Stores & Orders

David Allred Answered

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Hello Kay and David, 

Thank you so much for reaching out to ShippingEasy. 

If you're setting up your WooCommerce store integration now, you will no longer need to use the plug in or store API. We have updated the WooCommerce integration so that we can better support the integration with WooCommerce and offer our additional features for you! 

Click here for the steps integrate WooCommerce where you no longer need to include an API! 

I hope this helps resolve the issue so that you can be fully integrated with ShippingEasy! 

Thank you, 

Shea M. [ShippingEasy]



Same here, after pressing "Reconnect" all morning, my Woocommerce store FINALLY connected, but I still don't have a Store API. The entire section is missing:

please help!


Kay Milz 0 votes

Thanks for responding Shea. So is there a different plugin download than the one I downloaded from Woo? The settings of the plugin on the Wordpress side of installation still call for API's. On top of that, in shipping easy, it's still saying that it's disconnected with a constant alert message in my shipping easy account. 

What did I do wrong. Do you have an updated plugin download?

David Allred 0 votes

Hello Kay and David,

It appears you have both used our new WooCommerce Direct integration which no longer requires a ShippingEasy plugin. The integration instructions for the new Direct integration can be found in the link below.

Click here for the steps integrate WooCommerce where you no longer need to include an API! 

If, however, you wish to use our Legacy WooCommerce integration which does make use of the ShippingEasy plugin, you can find those integration instructions here.

We highly recommend using our newer direct WooCommerce integration, as it requires far less effort and will be more efficient going forward. Since you have already selected the new WooCommerce Direct integration option, you may want to look through the integration steps using the first link posted to confirm you have followed the steps correctly.

If you find you have missed a step, you can always disconnect your store and start over, using the steps in the link below.

How to: Disconnect a store from my account

I hope this information help to clarify things further.

Thank you and happy shipping!

Jacen P. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

Okay Shea. I've tried everything on my end. I've deleted the plugin from my site. Deleted the existing store from my shippingeasy settings and started from the beginning...however, it still says that it's disconnected.

What else can I try?

David Allred 0 votes

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