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I am trying to edit my shipping label and packing slip. Until recently, I was able to print a USPS label on the top half of the page and leave the bottom half blank and half a full page packing slip on the next page.

Right now, when i create a label, I get a label on the top half of the first page, and a packing slip on the bottom half of the first page, and then a full page packing slip.

I've attached screenshots to show my setup and the result.

I choose the label with half page..


Then I choose the full page packing slip...


And the result I get is....

What I was able to do before, was half that bottom half of the first page be blank.

How can I remove that? Thank you ahead of time!

Abraham Kim

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Hi Abraham,

When you say you were able to pint a label on the top half of the page then leave the bottom empty, was this in ShippingEasy? We have never had that option for labels in our system. If so, did you have some sort of work around for this, I would love to know how to do it. 

If you are printing one Shipment at a time you can change your label settings to two-per-page , this will leave the bottom area blank.




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