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API for Tracking Returns

Hello ShippingEasy Team

We sell home water tests on

Customers need to send us their water samples so we send them a sampling package with a scan-based pre-paid return label.

However, we are unable to track the status of this auto-generated return label using your API. Can you please make this possible?

It would help us a lot in communicating the status of water testing for each of our customers.

Thank you
SimpleWater, Inc
Berkeley, CA



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Hi John,

Thanks for writing in. I just wanted to make sure I understand what you are looking for exactly. We currently show tracking information on your Shipment History page by clicking on the Return Tracking Number link. Were you thinking something along the lines of the clock and check mark we have for your outgoing shipments?

Please let us know the best way this would work for you so that I can pass this on to our Product team.


Matthew Fox



Thanks for following up. This is indeed become a very important issue for us an our usage of shippingeasy.
We pull the tracking information on our orders into our own software.
However, ever since we began ordering the scan-based return labels at the same time as the original shipping label we have been unable to import the return tracking number through the API.
Let me know if you want to discuss by phone and i'll call in
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