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Edit Ship To Address when creating Return Label

There are instances where we need one store to ship a package to another store to fix an error. And we would prefer not to have the package come all the way back to us and then have to send it out again. But the Ship To address always defaults to our shop address and cannot be edited in the Ready To Ship page.

Instead of having to go through Settings>Account Settings>Store Address>+Add New>Save - and then go back and delete this address when the return label is done.

It would be alot quicker and convenient to be able to edit the Ship To address in the Ready To Ship page.



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Thanks for the feedback, we recently made changes to our Quick Ship feature that made getting returns a lot easier, but the case that you just laid out is the situation where you still have to put in a fair amount of work.

We use the requests of our customers to try to make ShippingEasy a better application, and I have reported this request. I know you are not the first person to address this issue and we will direct everyone else who mentions it here to help support your request.


Matthew Fox


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