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Customer Said never received package


My tracking shows package as delivered in/at mailbox but customer says they never received anything.

Lisa Fallows Answered

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Hi Lisa,

Thank you for posting to our forums!  I would be happy to assist you today.

If the USPS shipment was sent via a service type that included insurance (such as Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express), then you can file an insurance claim.  More about that can be found in the links below:

What USPS services include insurance coverage and offer additional insurance?

How to: File a USPS insurance claim

If the USPS shipment was NOT sent via a service type that included insurance then I would recommend waiting a few days to see if the package shows up.  If not then you could contact the Carrier directly. Here is USPS' contact page:

For future shipments, I would recommend setting up insurance defaults. If you routinely use USPS First Class or ship orders valued over $100 by any service, you'll likely want to set this up. We offer discounted shipment insurance (as low as $0.77 per parcel) so you can be sure that your packages are protected. You can set your Shipment Insurance defaults to trigger insurance automatically when shipments meet criteria you specify - saving time and ensuring your insurance preferences are applied regardless of who is doing your shipping.

Melody H. [ShippingEasy]

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