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Automatically Advance Ship Date After - for UPS

This feature works fine when processing a shipment manually from the dashboard.  However, it does not appear to be working for Instalabels (Purchase and print label (InstantLabel)).  For example, the shipping date is automatically advanced one day for orders manually processed.  Using shipping rules and using the Purchase and print label (InstantLabel) function, it does not use the advance ship date for UPS labels.  I have spoken to Jacen today and he agreed with my observation.  We have plenty of examples to show if you need to look at it.  I would really appreciate it, if you could make this enhancement (I think it's a bug actually).  It would really help our operation and it would be a big benefit.  Please make this change in your system.  Thank you very much.



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Thank you for bringing this to our attention, the product team is aware of this behavior and does have a ticket in place to work on this. Currently this issue does not have a scheduled fix, but it is on the list of items that need attention.

I will update you as soon as we have a resolution to this issue. 

Matthew Fox [ShippingEasy Product] 




Hi there,

I appreciate you checking back in. The behavior for post dating labels when using Buy and Print or InstantLabel function has been logged and is still in our product queue.

I realize this issue has an effect on your process. Are you still using the InstantLabel rule, or have you switched to printing your labels together at the start of your shipping day rather than letting them be processed as they come into our system due to this issue? 

The rules you have in place will still make these orders eligible for the Buy and Print function, so you can still process them all together from the orders page without having to move them to the shipping page. Since you can do this at the start of the day when the post date is not an issue this will get you around the bug. 


Matthew F. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

hi guys!  

I have logged this request last year.  can you please let me know when it will be resolved? I think this is a small fix honestly and I would appreciate if you could address it please.

Thank you

Mathias Ihlenfeld




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Mathias 0 votes

Hello Mathias, and thank you for checking in.

Unfortunately your request for this change has not been prioritized yet, but our product team is aware of the current limitations of our InstantLabel option.

Are you still using the InstantLabel rule, or have you moved to printing your labels at the start of your shipping day, rather than letting them be processed by the rule/system?


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