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Amount spent on shipping


I'm looking for a report that shows how much I have spent on shipping that can be split between different stores.  I've been browsing your app for Big Commerce and haven't been able to find anything.  

Another question I have is do big commerce stores have their own API key?

Jonathan Newton Answered

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Hello Jonathan, and thank you for posting to our community!

Yes, it is possible to view your postage costs per shipment and by store using the Complete Shipping Report or by creating a custom report. 

This link will explain: How to: Export a preconfigured report from your ShippingEasy account.

And this link explains: What data is included in the Shipping Report - Complete Shipping Report?

If you prefer to create a custom report that lists only the information you need, this link will explain: How to: Create a custom report.

In regards to BigCommerce store API Keys, yes, they typically have an API Key listed in the Legacy API Settings within BigCommerce. The link below explains how locate that information under the "Entering your BigCommerce credentials into ShippingEasy" section.

How to: Integrate BigCommerce with ShippingEasy

Thank you and happy shipping!

Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]

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