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Multiple inventory locations ( warehouse / bin) for one SKU and PRIORITIZE pick location


We have a warehouse and a store.  We need to be able to:

1) have multiple locations per SKU (warehouse location/inventory, and store location /inventory)

2) prioritize pick to the store inventory

3) be able to easily transfer quantity from one to the other

Has any one figured out a good way to do this?  Or is this a feature in the pipeline?





Sunbeninventory Answered



Hi there, 

Thank you for your feedback. We're actually in the initial stages of researching how ShippingEasy can better support businesses with multiple inventory locations. So, I have a couple of follow up questions for you: 

  1. How do you determine which warehouse or store location an order should be shipped from? It sounds like you prioritize shipping from your store location, is that correct? Do you ever ship from your warehouse directly?
  2. How do you manage stock levels at your warehouse and store locations today?

Tessa Hadobas [Product Manager]

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I have the following warehouses: 

1.  "home" warehouse (@ business location) 

2.  Amazon USA warehouses 

3.  Amazon Canada warehouses

I sell on the followiong platforms 

1.  Company website (

2.  Ebay 

3.  Amazon USA 

4. Amazon Canada 

I divide my fulfillment into 3 types: 

1. Amazon Prime fulfillment (Amazon fulfillment included in purchase on Amazon)

2. Seller fulfilled (for most of my ebay,, and amazon seller fulfilled orders) 

3.  Amazon manual fulfillment (having amazon fulfill one of my orders from any channel.)

For example,  a buyer in USA buys a widget and said widget is out of stock at "home" warehouse; so I'll create a manual Amazon USA fulfillment order. 


How do I decide which warehouse to ship from? 

1.  If it's bought on with Amazon fulfillment, then it automatically ships from Amazon's warehouses. 

2.  If I have an item warehoused at Amazon Canada, I will have Amazon Canada fulfill all orders from buyers in Canada from any channel. 

3.  If I am low on stock or out of stock at 'home' warehouse, I may create a manual fulfillment order on Amazon. 


How I manage stock levels across warehouses. 

I can see inventory levels at each warehouse very easily (amazon keeps count, and then I keep my own counts at home warehouse, using shippineasy inventory management).  What is hard to see is my total inventory levels across all warehouses.  I only do that quarterly because it's very cumbersome.  I need to add the following: 

1.  Inventory at home warehouse, Amazon USA warehouse, and Amazon Canada warehouse 

2.  Inventory in transit to Amazon warehouses  (transferred from home warehouse) 

3.  Incoming inventory to home warehouse (from shippingeasy purchase orders).  

I know this all a bit much --great opportunity for shippingeasy to provide a valuable service. 






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Hi Joe, 

Thank you for your feedback. I've reached out to you via email so that we can discuss these suggestions in more detail. I really appreciate you taking the time to write all of this out for us. 

Tessa Hadobas [Product Manager]

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