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Does anyone have a need to create PO's as the orders come in?


Reaching out to see if anyone is familiar with or has a need to create PO's for newly received orders that are not in stock. Example being 10 new sales come in that are not in inventory. Need to create a PO for this so that when the 10 items come in we can receive these to the PO and confirm everything was receive. If I am understanding the PO system in shippingeasy correctly, it is for restocking low inventory levels. 

Daniel Answered

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Hi Daniel,  

Thank you for your interest in our inventory management application. It sounds like you require a system that allows for "just in time" inventory management. Specifically, you want to wait to re-order items from your supplier/s until there are orders placed by your customers. Is that correct? Is there ever an instance where you manage the inventory for a product you sell? Or, do you always wait to place orders with your supplier/s?

Tessa Hadobas [Product Manager]

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