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Does anyone have a need to create PO's as the orders come in?


Reaching out to see if anyone is familiar with or has a need to create PO's for newly received orders that are not in stock. Example being 10 new sales come in that are not in inventory. Need to create a PO for this so that when the 10 items come in we can receive these to the PO and confirm everything was receive. If I am understanding the PO system in shippingeasy correctly, it is for restocking low inventory levels. 

Daniel Answered



Hi Daniel,  

Thank you for your interest in our inventory management application. It sounds like you require a system that allows for "just in time" inventory management. Specifically, you want to wait to re-order items from your supplier/s until there are orders placed by your customers. Is that correct? Is there ever an instance where you manage the inventory for a product you sell? Or, do you always wait to place orders with your supplier/s?

Tessa Hadobas [Product Manager]

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I place orders with my biggest vendor based only on the orders I receive for their product. This would be such a great help for my business

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The system can already do this for you.  Set your reorder at -1 and leave your inventory at zero.  It will not show up on the low list.  Sell one and the count goes to -1 and appears on the low list.  Create your PO off of the low list.

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