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Support processing FBA orders within ShippingEasy

Support processing FBA orders within ShippingEasy.

If I receive an order on my website allow the option to fulfil order with my inventory stored at FBA fulfillment center.

Moshe Friedman



Hello Moshe, 
Thank you very much for sharing your feedback! We've documented your request and it will be under review. 

We greatly appreciate customer feedback, it helps us to learn what features that our merchants would benefit from. If we hear this request from other merchants, we ask them to post their feedback here. 

Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product] 

ShippingEasy 0 votes

Yes please...I am surprised more have not asked for this.

we  have 1/4 of our inventory at FBA  the rest in store... would be great to use that inventory when our shippers are way backed up... but manually takes way to long and makes it inefficient either way.

David Mobley 0 votes

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