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Support processing FBA orders within ShippingEasy


Support processing FBA orders within ShippingEasy.

If I receive an order on my website allow the option to fulfil order with my inventory stored at FBA fulfillment center.

Moshe Friedman Answered

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Hello Everyone,

We're pleased to announce that ShippingEasy now integrates with Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment, allowing you to send orders that originated outside of your Amazon store to Fulfillment by Amazon for shipment. 

Find more information about how to send your orders to Amazon for fulfillment in our Knowledge Base: How to: Send an order to FBA





Hello Moshe, 
Thank you very much for sharing your feedback! We've documented your request and it will be under review. 

We greatly appreciate customer feedback, it helps us to learn what features that our merchants would benefit from. If we hear this request from other merchants, we ask them to post their feedback here. 

Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product] 

ShippingEasy 0 votes

Yes please...I am surprised more have not asked for this.

we  have 1/4 of our inventory at FBA  the rest in store... would be great to use that inventory when our shippers are way backed up... but manually takes way to long and makes it inefficient either way.

David Mobley 0 votes

Add me to the list of folks who would love to see FBA as a "carrier" option for shipments. Like many, I sell on my own Shopify site (currently with self-fulfilled orders) and on Amazon (with FBA). I could enable FBA on my Shopify site, but this seems to require automatically sending all orders to FBA. I'd prefer to be able to select between self-fulfilled and FBA on an order-by-order basis, and more specifically, to be able to make that decision based on a comparison of costs and estimated delivery date. 

So, in addition to adding an FBA option, I'd also love to see the "Ready to ship" page reformatted. It should have one section for adding or altering package dimensions, weight, and ship date (these would be used for self-fulfillment options only as FBA uses it's own info) and then have a separate section that puts together a comparison of rates and delivery times for each enabled carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx, FBA, etc.). One should be able to adjust service levels for each carrier and see updated rates/delivery times, and ultimately to select which carrier to proceed to shipment with.

Michael Florucci 0 votes

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