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General Help Needed


I just signed up today for Shipping Easy and am finding it very confusing.

I understand we get signed up for two Endicia accounts and I got the emails regarding this.  On the Shipment Settings -> Postage and Carriers page my first class account looks ok but my priority account says "Your Endicia International & Expedited account has not been configured."  I went ahead and tried to register for a free account but I got an error message each time I tried (four times) but despite the error message it did actually create four extra accounts.  I called Endicia to cancel those accounts but they said I needed to contact SE to do so.  So, here I am via the only way to contact SE attempting to do so...  Please cancel Endicia accounts 1219444, 1219445, 1219446 and 1219447.

And now, back to my original problem.  I need to ship a regional rate box but my Endicia priority account hasn't been configured.  I can't figure out where to go to do that.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thank you!

Joy Chambers Answered

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Hello Joy, 

I'm so sorry for any confusion around signing up for ShippingEasy! I'm glad that we were able to discuss this via email this week. If you have any additional questions about this issue, please respond to that email thread. 


Thank you, 


Shea M. [ShippingEasy]

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