Flag for Shopify "Potential Fraud" to prevent shipping until it has been investigated

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Using the Shopify fraud detection API call:

GET /admin/orders/#{id}/risks/#{id}.json

Creating a flag similar to the ShippingEasy "USPS Unable to verify address" triangle warning in ShippingEasy to prevent the shipping department from immediately processing an order and shipping on fraudulent sales. 

We have had two recent issues where fraud was potentially present via an alert notification from Shopify, but the shipping department didn't have an indication to hold the order pending an investigation and shipped immediately before they could be told not to ship.

Just looking for something to alert shipping to pause, or inquire further prior to shipping.

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Hi all, 

Thanks for your patience while our team looked into this feature further. Unfortunately, Shopify does not pass ShippingEasy the information we would need to be able to build out this request. 

This would be a feature request for Shopify.


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Hello Ashton,

Thank you for posting to our forums.

Based on our understanding of the fraud system in Shopify, Signifyd can or will wait to update the status of an order to paid, until it had passed fraud detection.

As long as you are only syncing paid orders to ShippingEasy, and the order is not marked paid until detection has passed, this would prevent potential fraudulent orders from syncing to ShippingEasy.

However, if that would not work for you, would you be able to tell us what order statuses you are currently syncing? Or, are you unable to not sync unpaid orders?

Thank you.

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This is incorrect.

Shopify fraud system makes no assumptions about the validity of the sale if it passed the merchant authorization. It does alert to potentially fraudulent activity based on observed inconsistencies, but only alert. Instances such as IP addresses far from billing location, email addresses previously associated with fraud, etc.

When an order is paid by credit card, the order has an approval code from the merchant processing and the Shopify order is marked as paid. The designation of the order's fraudulent status is separate and only functions as a flag on the order after this processing.

The order is synced because it is marked as paid, yet flagged as (I forget the three status names exactly, so forgive me) low risk, medium risk, or high risk. The status of paid continues regardless.

Many times an order will sync because it qualifies as paid yet high risk. To date, we have had around 10 orders flagged high risk since January 1st. Six of them were not caught in time and resulted in chargebacks of over $1000.00 to date because the items were packaged and sent to the fraudulent customer. Usually, these chargebacks took place up to 2-3 months after an order was placed once a customer noticed fraudulent charges on their statement.

Our workflow is very fast paced and orders that come in via Shopify are often packaged and paid postage anywhere from 5-15 minutes from the order being placed. The warehouse gets their information on orders to be shipped from within ShipStation now because we couldn't afford to keep ShippingEasy and not have that functionality. We actually really liked ShippingEasy, but we couldn't lose that money and stay.

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I agree, this is an issue. Just add an icon to the pending orders in Shipping easy so potential fraud shipments are flagged without requiring staff to go into Shopify to check this. 

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Thank you very much for your feedback! Customer feedback is incredibly helpful to us as a means of learning what could help our merchants, so we know which new features to build. This feature will be under consideration for prioritization.

If you know of any other sellers that would benefit from this feature, please ask them to comment or post here as well. If we hear this request from other customers, we will ask them to comment or follow here as well. 

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Ditto everything Ashton and Jim said.  I hope you can come up with something to fix this issue.  We have lost a lot of money because these orders are going through.  They should be flagged/held until approved.  Thank you.  

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Hi Julie, 

Thank you for taking the time to add to the forum post. We have updated the feature request and will update this post if there are changes. 

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Hi Shipping Easy!!

I agree that this feature should be added - we have run into many of the same issues and unfortunately only syncing paid orders does not fix the fraud issue or a paypal order that is "payment pending".

A feature to flag for fraud would be extremely helpful.


Kendall - Erin's Faces

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