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Most of my products have options but the order list and subsequent forms are a mess when displaying them. It even lists options that are not selected by the customer (i.e. option = NO)



- Not to list product options that are set to NO - only those set to YES
- List product options with a line break and not compacted onto one line

Currently the item name is displayed like this:

CronusMAX PLUS, USB Hub: Yes, USB Power Switch Cable: Yes, Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver: No, Xbox 360 Wired AU Controller: No, Micro USB Cable: Yes, 10ft USB Extension Cable: Yes

It would be perfect if displayed like this:

USB Hub: Yes
USB Power Switch Cable: Yes
Micro USB Cable: Yes
10ft USB Extension Cable: Yes

This would make our lives so much easier.

Official Comment

Hello Charlie,

Thank you for the post. I'm sorry your X-Cart orders product options are presenting such a headache.

Unfortunately, since the X-Cart plugin for ShippingEasy was built and is maintained by X-Cart, any changes to the information sent from X-Cart would need to be addressed with X-Cart directly.

We would recommend you request they implement options allowing you to avoid sending product option information set to NO, and also send those with the line breaks.  

Thank you.

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