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Woocommerce orders not showing up on Shippingeasy as well


So much like the fellow down below me my Woocommerce orders aren't appearing on Shipping easy since this weekend.  I tried hitting the reset button, but that doesn't work.  Woocommerce has been updated as well.  Any help would be appreciated.

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John Eggers Answered

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Hello John, and thank you for posting to our community!

It looks like you are using our WooCommerce Legacy integration. If you set this up recently (since July 2017) it will no longer work, and you will want to reintegrate using our current WooCommerce integration option, using the steps in the link below.

How to: Integrate WooCommerce with ShippingEasy

However, if you set this store integration up prior to July, the first thing we recommend checking, is to make sure your credentials match up from ShippingEasy. You can do that easily by manually sending one of your orders to ShippingEasy.

To manually send an order, choose to edit an order in WooCommerce from the Order Actions menu, then select send to ShippingEasy.

If you receive an Access Denied error when trying to send the order, that typically indicates your credentials from ShippingEasy have not been added correctly to the ShippingEasy plugin within WooCommerce. If that is the case, we would recommend you recheck the Keys you entered, discussed in steps 13-20 for version 1.x, or Part 4 for version 3.x using the links below:

How to: Integrate WooCommerce with ShippingEasy (v1.x)

How to: Integrate WooCommerce with ShippingEasy (v3.x) 

If manually sending an order works for you, can you verify the ShippingEasy plugin is installed within the WooCommerce integration tab, and that the API URL listed is:  

Thank you.

Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]

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So everything was working fine up until Colombus Day weekend and then Shipping Easy deleted all the orders that were on the front page of the Shipping Easy app.  There's probably something I need to click on the Woocommerce site in Settings, but I'm not sure what that would be.

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