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I'm a new shipping easy customer.  We are currently on the free Starter plan.

Is it possible to print a label without the Shipping Easy logo on it?  That logo does not benefit me in any way.  I don't like it.  I don't want it.  It is only intended to benefit you as some sort of advertising, but I seriously doubt that any recipient of any package shipped via Shipping Easy is going to see your logo on a shipping label because people don't look at shipping labels, and when the day comes that someone actually stops to read the shipping label on an incoming package, I seriously doubt that they will be suddenly inclined to drop what they are doing and set up a Shipping Easy account.  It's cheesy.  

I just shipped a 7oz package 1st Class, $44 value, $2.77 postage.  I selected the Insurance option for an additional 77 cents.   The Insurance cost was not charged, only the postage.  I assume that the 77 cents will be charged later on the Wednesday or Saturday insurance billing program.  Is that correct?

In the scenario described above, my package is insured, correct?  

Will the 77 cent insurance cost be billed to my Shipping Easy account balance, or directly to my credit card?  

I am currently assuming that it is not necessary for me to purchase Delivery Confirmation on a 1st Class package in order to buy insurance for the package.  Is that correct?

On the Starter Plan - will I be able to use 1st Class Package service all the way up to the 15.99oz limit?  

I accessed this forum from my account page on Shipping Easy, where i was obviously already logged in.  However, my logged in status on the main site did not permit me to post here.  I was required to login again, and my Shipping Easy login credentials did not work for logging into this forum to post a question.  So I just clicked the "log in with Google" button.  That page froze up, and I had to try to access the forum from a new tab, where I discovered that the google login did work.  That entire process was mindless.  If a Shipping Easy customer is logged in on the Shipping Easy site, why is a different new login required to post a question on the Shipping Easy forum?  


David Spaugh Answered

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Hello David, and thank you for posting to our community!

The label change with the ShippingEasy logo was released in conjunction with our exciting new feature for our Basic and above subscribers- the option to brand labels with a company logo. As you've seen, with this change, all customers who are subscribed to the Starter plan will include ShippingEasy's logo on their shipping labels.

I can understand that this change is unexpected and I'm forwarding your feedback onto our Product Team. I know that they will continue to update this feature and always appreciate customer input.

For now, the ShippingEasy logo will be featured on labels printed by all Starter subscribers. If you would like to customize the label to remove any logo or add your own logo, we would recommend upgrading to the Basic plan, using the steps in the link below. Unfortunately, at this time its not possible to opt out of including the ShippingEasy logo on your labels when subscribed to the Starter plan.

How to: Upgrade my plan

In regards to the billing of Shipsurance charges, those are billed twice weekly on Wednesday and Saturdays. The link below explains more, along with how Shipsurance charges are billed and how to verify Shipsurance was purchased for your shipments in Shipping History.

FAQs: Billing for Shipsurance

Shipsurance insurance is available when a form of delivery confirmation is on the shipment (i.e. delivery confirmation, signature confirmation, adult signature confirmation). Many USPS services already include this, however, for others that do not, you may be able to add this from the READY TO SHIP page - learn more.

In regards to rates, yes all ShippingEasy plans receive our First Class Commercial Base rates that extend all the way to 15.99oz. You can see our Commercial Base rate table in the link below.

First-Class Package Service - Commercial Base (Rate Table)

Lastly, in regards to the community forums login process;

ShippingEasy uses a third party support environment provided by Zendesk, which allows us to invite participation from anyone, with or without a ShippingEasy account. 

While this creates a uniquely free and open community for everyone, we recognized the need for a separate support log-in, to maintain the security and privacy of your ShippingEasy account.

In an effort to make the additional support log-in easier, we encourage the use of Facebook, Twitter, or Google account credentials, as you've already encountered. 

We hope you'll understand that the separate log-ins are strictly for security purposes, and are in no way meant to be an inconvenience.

I hope all this information is helpful, but please let us know if you have any more questions.

Thank you!

Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]



I'm not sure the ShipInsurance comments above are correct.

It was a 1st class package.  

I selected insurance.

Your system allowed me to add insurance to the order, and specified the fee for the insurance.  

I did not select any delivery confirmation service.  

I don't think 1st class mail has delivery confirmation built in.  

My shipping history shows that the shipment is insured (it has a check mark in the insured box).  

Shipping Easy support staff say the the shipment cannot be insured because insurance is only available for packages with delivery confirmation.  

I guess I'll know after Wednesday whether the insurance charge gets billed to my CC.  

Presently, the important unknowns are this:  I don't know whether the ShippingEasy system will or will not prevent actual insurance on a shipment that is not accompanied by delivery confirmation, and I don't know whether my shipment is insured, and if i needed to make another shipment, i would not know how to proceed because there is very little clarity in the SE universe.  

I recognize the basic purpose of Shipping Easy.  It is a shipping service that hopes to coax people into paying monthly subscriber fees because making money off the shipments isn't enough and no one at SE is smart enough to add a nickel to every shipment to make more money.  

I get that.    

I'm in web development.  One of my most important jobs is the development of intuitive processes, such as where a user enters a site and flows thru it effortlessly with no bumps or hiccups or questions or unknowns or surprises.    

I would describe the ShippingEasy site as a train wreck that comingles disabled goats with injured bears.  FYI - the most important person on a development team is the person who can visualize the experience and then guide the coders to it.  When the coders don't or won't listen to the human, the site sucks.  Just sayin is all. 

I need to ship 20 to 40 items per month.  I don't need Basic or any other service where I send you money for nothing.  i don't need your logo on my label.  Can you please name your competitors?  I would like to take a look at them.  Thx.

David Spaugh 0 votes

Hi David,

I'm sorry that my answers weren't more specific in my last response.

Unfortunately, I cannot find your account with the information provided. So I had to provide some general information. That said, our Customer Success team is happy to take a look at your insurance purchase if you would send an email to Just mention the email you use to login to your ShippingEasy account and the order number for this shipment and we would be happy to send along a copy of your invoice.

In the meantime, I'm happy to clarify your questions regarding Shipsurance!

If a checkmark was indicated on your Shipment History then insurance should have been purchased for your label. All Shipsurance invoices are sent to the email of the Shippingeasy account owner. As you mentioned, these are sent twice a week. So it is likely it just needed a couple days before it was sent.

Shipsurance does require delivery confirmation on your package. All domestic USPS package services automatically include delivery confirmation. Within ShippingEasy, this means that all available USPS service, other than First Class Mail Large/Flat envelopes, include delivery confirmation.

If insurance is not allowed on a shipment, ShippingEasy indicates that "Insurance is not available with this service/packaging combo" on Ready to Ship. This makes it easy for you to know what services are accepted by Shipsurance.

I'm including a couple links below with more information on delivery confirmation and Shipsurance error messaging.

Services that include Delivery Confirmation: 

What is USPS Delivery Confirmation?

Error messaging when Shipsurance is now allowed:

Troubleshoot: Insurance is not available with this service/packaging combo

I completely understand if you are not ready to pay a subscription fee! Many users begin with the Starter plan then move up as their business grows. I did want to mention that option in case you were interested in immediately removing the logo from your shipments.

We do provide access to the Starter at no cost, that said some of the features are slightly different than the Basic plan. If you do decide to check out the Basic plan we currently offer a free trial. Just something to consider if you would like to check it out when you have higher shipping volume.

We appreciate your feedback, especially as a professional in web development, and I'm happy to share your thoughts with my team. If you have further questions or concerns please include them in your email to us regarding your insurance purchase. 

Thank you.

Jacen P. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

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