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Add order number to Canada (International) Labels

The order number shows on some other International labels under the invoice field, but there's no such field on Canada labels.

Since order number is on all other labels, I've taken to marking my boxes with order number. Having to identify Canadian packages with something else like last name, is an unnecessary complexity.

I'd like to see order number put on all labels. Thanks!




Hello Amanda, 

What carrier labels were you referring to? 

USPS Canadian labels display the order number under the "Invoice/License/Certificate No(s)" field. FedEx International labels can be customized from the label settings page to reflect the order number.  At this point, UPS does not allow customization to international labels. 

If you are referring to UPS labels, configuring a pick list may be a possible solution. You have the ability to completely customize a pick list to display the orders grouped by order numbers and sorted by the destination country. 

Warm Regards,

Jessica G. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

Hi Jessica G- I'm referring to USPS Canada labels. There is no "Invoice/License/Certificate No(s)" field like there is on the other international labels.

Amanda 0 votes

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