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I have been trying to log in to my ShippingEasy account for weeks and encounter the same error each time. 

This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.

I have cleared my cache, cookies, history, and tried a different browser. I contacted customer service but since I'm using the free starter plan they would not help me. A free plan is useless if I can't even log into my account. 
This has affected my business greatly so if anybody else has this issue or found a solution please let me know.
Miya Naiditch Answered

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Hello Miya, and thank you for posting to our community!

I'm very sorry to hear you are experiencing problems accessing your ShippingEasy account. 

This sounds like it could be malware related, have you tried taking steps to check for and remove anything like that? If not, the link below from Google provides some very thorough steps you can take.

Beyond that, you might try testing with the Google Chrome browser in Incognito mode, discussed here:

Resetting Chrome, using the steps here:

Or creating a new user profile in Chrome using the steps here:

I hope that information helps, but please let us know if you continue to experience redirects after trying these options.

Thank you.

Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]

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