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Shipping Rule - Taxes and Duties Set to be collected by Third Party

Hello Bria,

As to our conversation, over the phone, I would like to initially thank you for letting me know an internal note was made regarding this matter.

At this time our company is needing to have the condition to have all our international shipments to JUST BILL "Taxes and Duties" to our specific Third Party FedEx Account number.

Currently, the rule reads 

 This Part of the Condition is "OK"

The issue is that I'm not able to specify that I want JUST "Taxes and Duties" to 

be billed to the third party Fed Ex account Created.

It would be greatly appreciated if users can specify that JUST "taxes and duties" can be billed to the recipient and in more specific a predefined third party FedEx account.


For now, Im having to manually select "Customs Duties Paid By:"



paste the account number for all my International orders. "PLEASE HELP"






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