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How to add return label to my site for shipping Easy.

I am using an woocommerce with shippingeasy. 

Currently, when a customer wants to exchange or return a product, they email us and we create a Return label using our Shipping Easy software. And we purchase the postage and it automatically gets emailed to them.

We want them to be able to do this on their own, from the front of the website.

i need a return label on my site from where the customer directly click that and generate the return label  for the product.

Is that possible with shippingeasy.


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Hello Ujjawal,

ShippingEasy does not display any options on the front end of your website. This would be something that would need to be implemented with WooCommerce. 

For a solution within ShippingEasy, I recommend scan based return labels if you see your company having the need to process larger quantities of returns.


Know How: Crafting + implementing an effective returns policy

How to: Create a scan-based return label


Warm Regards.

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