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FedEx Bill Recipient Broken on ShippingEasy


Account bee-quick@********.com

 Order M-080717-003       LABEL FAILED

Order M-080717-005       LABEL FAILED

Both shipments, when the FedEx site was used, were accepted, and the bill recipient billing was accepted.  All data was the same of course.

You can look at these and play with them if you’d like, as FedEx will not really bill unless the package ships.

But the wheels are off, yet again.

This is not very “easy”.

This is full of fail.

These sorts of problems are what keep me "experimenting", and only using ShippingEasy for 1/10th of the total volume we ship.


James Fischer Answered

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Hi James,

Thank you for posting to our forums!

I see you are trying to generate FedEx labels and unfortunately, FedEx is having issues today. There is a red alert at the top of ShippingEasy that says "FedEx is experiencing problems in their data center. Rate quotes and label purchases for FedEx shipments may be delayed or unavailable."

We've reached out to FedEx and found that they are aware of the problem but they do not currently have an ETA for it to be resolved.  This issue is affecting all customers who use the FedEx API (not just ShippingEasy).

I would recommend trying the labels again later or using a different carrier for those particular shipments.  Hopefully FedEx will have their API up and running again soon!


Melody H. [ShippingEasy]



Well, at least a warning was added for others...

I try to live my life so as to be a warning to others.  ;)

But it appears that one cannot cancel these shipments... the system says:

There were problems cancelling some shipments:
  • Order #M-080717-003: shipments in a state of 'Label Failed' cannot be cancelled.
  • Order #M-080717-005: shipments in a state of 'Label Failed' cannot be cancelled.

Now, I do not want to create labels simply to cancel them, as FedEx will send out email to that customer to first alert them to a shipment, and then, when I later cancel, to alert them to the cancellation.  So ShippingEasy needs a way to delete these unprocessed items.  Please do so manually if there is no other way.




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