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USPS and their new APV system starting in 2 weeks


On August 1st, USPS postage will be automatically checked by their computers and rebilled (higher and lower) based on their calculation of postage instead of arriving at the customer 'postage Due'

Will Shipping Easy notify us of these billing changes?  Will the shipment history be updated with the Price Actually Paid?

Steve Mayfield Answered

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for posting to our forum!

All USPS labels purchased through ShippingEasy with your Endicia accounts will participate in the new Automated Package Verification (APV) system features. We're very excited for the delivery improvements this new system brings! In case the actual postage cost is higher, your buyer will never be surprised by needing to pay more at the door. If you pay too much, you'll automatically be reimbursed the difference.

Once APV goes into effect, you will be able to view adjustment details by logging in to your Endicia account, opening the Account Transactions report, and selecting the new “Adjustments” tab. Further details of APV from Endicia can be found in the following link:

The USPS Automated Package Verification (APV) System

The original label price will show in Shipment History. The only thing that may show in ShippingEasy related to a change for an adjustment is your postage balance which can be viewed under Settings then Postage & Carriers.

If you would like to see alerts for APV within the app or via email, please place a request in our Feature Request Forum: Feature Requests - Productivity: Features, Interface & Settings


Melody H. [ShippingEasy]



What happens if I discover after I printed the label I need to add a stamp to the package for the next pound of postage.  Will the system take in account I made up the difference in the rate.?

Sometimes when I get to the post office on heavy packages I have them weigh the package and find I need another 49 cents or something like that.  They put a stamp or print out the postage on their machine.  However the stamp or post office label does not have my account on it.  Will I still be charged?

Mark Musil 0 votes

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your post!

For that type of situation, it is likely determined by each Post Office.  I would recommend asking the Post Master for that location what their policy is.  I would also recommend using a scale that can handle heavier weights to ensure your weights are correct when you generate the label.  

Otherwise, cancelling the original label and printing a new one with the correct postage is always an option.

Here are the steps for doing that.  Step 6 is where you will make any required edits:

How to: Create a unique duplicate label

Melody H. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

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