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Ability to edit shipping cost

I am using APC for our international shipping. Their rates are great but the rates do not interface into shippingeasy. I would like to be able to enter the rate manually so that I can run profitability reports on my shipping. 

Currently, any international shipment is showing 100% profit on the shipping charge.

Ideally would be to edit when creating the shipment, but even if it was just editable after the fact in a form or spreadsheet, or as a selection from shipping history.

Thought would be to have an option in the settings, allow shipping cost to be edited. This would allow companies that don't want this option to not turn it on so that they don't have employees messing with the numbers. 

Jim Leuty

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Hi Jim,

Thanks for taking the time to write to us. We don't have the ability to edit charges after a shipment, however you can download a report from us in CSV format and add that information in manually. Reports is found there on the blue bar of ShippingEasy. For more info on report click HERE.





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