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Add shipped orders to Orders Page



I am a amazon seller, some orders had already confirmed as shipped in my store, but actually I haven't shipped the item yet. Because if I don't confirm shipment, it would be late shipment. So I confirmed them first. Now I want to ship them. How can I add these orders to the Orders Page and create shipments? 

Hope shipping easy can have this feature!

huan li Answered

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Hello Huan, 

Thank you so much for reaching out to us. I can certainly explain this. 

ShippingEasy will only be able to sync unshipped orders from your Amazon account. As soon as you marked these as shipped, we would not longer have been able to import these orders. 

Click here for more information on using Amazon with ShippingEasy. 

If these are not Prime orders and you'd like to manually upload your orders via CSV, you can do so using these steps.  Please keep in mind if you do this, we will not be able to send updates to Amazon regarding these orders. 

Thank you, 

Shea M. [ShippingEasy]

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