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picking slip with price


I would like my picking slip able to show the total of the order. is that anyway we can do? thank you. 

Shandi Answered

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Thank you for posting to our forums!

You can certainly add in the variable for the total to your packing slip. The variable for Total Paid is {{shipment.total_paid}}.  You can see a list of all of the available variables here:  How are the variables on my Packing Slip templates mapped?

If you already have a packing slip template set up, go to Settings then Packing Slip Templates, and click the pencil icon next to the template you'd like to edit.  Add in the Total Paid variable where you would like to see it on the template then click the blue Update Template button.

If you'd like to create a new packing slip template, you can certainly do that as well.  This article from our Knowledge Base has step-by-step instructions for doing that along with screenshots of the proces:  How to: Create a custom Packing Slip Template and save it to your settings

If you have further questions, please let us know in the comments below. Thanks!


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Thanks for the reply but I don't need to on the packing slip right now. I just want to show it on my picking slip. 



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Hi again,

Thanks for the clarification.  If you are referring to a Pick List then that is a list of items to obtain from your inventory to pack into the shipping container. Since it's a tool for the packing process, it does not include the prices or order total.  On the other hand, the packing slip can include the price and order total.

More information about Pick Lists can be found in the links below:

What is a pick list?

Pick Lists Overview

Printing Pick Lists: Step by Step Guide

If you'd like to see a change, you can place a Feature Request in our Feature Request forum:  

Feature Requests - Productivity: Features, Interface & Settings


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