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Print a Postage Free Label

There are times when an order in the Queue needs a label printed without postage:

1)   Customer to pick up in store

2)   Item is an envelope that will get a stamp affixed

3)   Package will be delivered by a local courier


Shipping Easy should have an option to print a Label without Postage.  This gives us:

1)   A Printed Label with the address verified

2)   A history of the package in Shipping Easy (Instead of 'Cleared')

3)   Updates our websites to 'Shipped' (granted, without a tracking number)

4)   Keeps Shipping Easy as the Hub of all things Shipped instead of having exceptions that need to be kept track of elsewhere.

Steve Mayfield

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for writing in. While we can't currently print a label for a shipment that you have not bought postage for, you can use the "Mark as Shipped" function on the Orders page for that item. You can then leave a note in the "Tracking" area that will be visible on your Shipment History page. 

This will not give you a printed label, but it will update your store that the item is shipped and give you information that can be checked within ShippingEasy. If you need a print out with the customers address, would a packing slip work?

I hope this helps, please let me know if there are any specifics that this process does not address.

Matthew Fox




We do that currently, but then we need to hand write the address on the label, then clear the order from the shipments screen, then click over to the orders screen, find the order, add the check box, click 'More', click mark as shipped, etc etc etc

I would love instead to choose 'No postage' as I now choose 'First Class' and click print... so much cleaner.

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