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Sync Custom Fields with 3dcart


We are new to ShippingEasy and 3dcart.  We have it integrated but have one "custom" field in 3dcart we'd like to print on the packing slip.  Does anyone know if this is supported via sync?  If so, how do we map the fields?  I read you could export custom fields but we'd prefer to use sync.  

Pete Lord Answered

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Hello Pete, and thank you for posting to our Community!

Unfortunately it is not currently possible to sync custom field information from 3dcart, however, I encourage you to repost your request in our Feature Requests forums - these are monitored by our Product Team and are used to prioritize future development work.

Alternatively, if the information in your 3dcart custom fields is product related, such as product options, it is possible to sync your product option information by enabling that in your store settings within ShippingEasy, using the steps in the guide below.

How to: Display Product Options for your items

Any Product Options synced to ShippingEasy can be mapped to your Packing Slips using the Shipment Line Item Variable name_and_product_options, which is outlined further in the link below.

How are the variables on my Packing Slip templates mapped?

Thank you and happy shipping!

Jacen P. [ShippingEasy]

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